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 About the Sixth of brave and Jewel of Fate

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PostSubject: About the Sixth of brave and Jewel of Fate   Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:00 pm

Recently i was having a strange dream. I was standing in a long stone corridor, illuminated by torches hanging from the walls,
adorned with flags of pure white with a golden rose in the center. Than i found myself running fast through the corridor towards
a massive gate decorated with the same symbol. I could hear screams and the sound of battle from behind the gate, i reached out
for a sword with one hand and for a shield with the other one. I noticed that i am clad in iron armor and i appear to be a woman.
When i reached the door, I pushed with all my strenght to open them. What i saw there was a scene of great bloodshed. Bodyes of
armored maidens laying torn apart on the ground, some of them stuck on the wall pierced by a large spear, some left only piles
of ash and dust, burnt to death by terrible magic. This horrific scenery was located in a large room, something like a dining
hall or barracks, hard to say through all that blood and destruction. In the far end of the room, on a marble stairway, few
bravest maidens stood theyr last stand against fifteen dark hooded figures led by a large beast with horns and wings.
I bursted into sprint to help the defenders. As I ran i noticed the large beast massing some kind of energy, while closing on the
wounded determined women in armor. Also i noticed there was some kind of jewel on a piedestal behind them, i thought the women
were willing to die to protect the jewel. Such great value it must have! But is it value of pride, power or wealth? Who knows...
Suddenly before i could reach the battle, the beast lashed out at the maidens and burned them alive with a large fiery spell.
I slowly stoped running and i felt all was lost. Than i saw how the beast reached out for the jewel, wraped its claws around it
and with an evil laugh disappeared in a purple cloud along with the jewel. Thats as far as the dream goes i think, after that i always wake up with a cold sweat on my forehead.

Strange is, i had a new dream last night... This time it was me walking into a cave behind the village. I know that cave!
I walked there around midnight i think and i was armed. When i entered the cave i found something i was always looking for! But now i cant remember exactly what it was...maybe some treasure, magical artifact...damn i cant remember! Nevermind...i will go and check the cave just out of curiosity.

All was going exactly like the dream last night. Midnight, armed i came closer to the cave and saw some figures hiding in the shadows and entering the cave. Interesting! Maybe they really are hiding something of value there, i better check it out!

What a dissapointment! No treasure or whatever at all. Instead i fell into a trap... As soon as i entered the cave i found myself in a circle of runes, not able to move. As i looked around i could see four other persons in the cave, having the same problem.

When i was about to ask them a womans voice resonated through the cave. "Welcome brave ones! I am deeply sorry for using such tricks, but it is neccesary for getting your attention." i looked up on a rock nearby on wich stood a beutyfull maiden in shining armor, overlooking the five of us carefully. "I need your help on my quest for revenge, and safety of the known world. Future of all people depend on this mission! Join me brave ones and follow me into battle against the evil that stole the Jewel of Fate and slaughtered my order!" she shouted with enthusiasm. "And whats in it for us?!" shouted someone. The woman frowned and answered coldly "Gold, glory, or power if you wish." Someone said "Im not interested let us go already!" But the woman said calmly "No. I will not release you untill you swear on your lives that you will recover the Jewel of Fate! Even if you dont want to, this mission is too grave, i cannot let you leave. You must help, willing or not, now swear!" She shouted and pointed her blade at us."Very well than...I swear." said one after another and in the end even me. The rune circles holding us went away and we could move again. The woman jumped down and walked straight to us. "Tomorrow morning we begin our search. Dont even try to run away, the spell is still in efect so if you try to kill me or run it will immobilize you again and you will die of starvation."
And so our little group of adventurers was created and many new dangers and treasures awaited us beyond the horizon.

Afterwards the armored maiden told us about the Jewel of Fate. It was supposed to be mighty magical artefact of unimaginable power
able to do almost anything its wielder wished for. The order of the golder rose protected this relic of ancient times, to ensure
it doesnt fall into wrong hands. But that happened apparently. Luckilly the order put a protective spell on it so it will take some time for the villains to get the jewel working, but if they manage that...who knows what might happen. So we travel together,
asking about dark hooded figures and beasts and jewels.

And I? I write this story about the sixth of brave and the Jewel of Fate...

And who were these six? Well i think everyone can introduce themselves more properly than me...
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PostSubject: Xulrae of the Banished Line   Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:51 pm

Unbeknownst to the dreamer, not all of the people seen entering the cave were of the same group. At least one had entered alone, grudgingly but in the certain knowledge that not doing so would mean an arrow on his back.

You see, on her way through the city, the maiden had heard of a dilemma the guards were having. A single unruly elf had gotten into a scuffle with militiamen patrolling the countryside and had been taken into custody upon severely injuring two. Relations with the elves being strained even on the best of days, the man could not stand trial among humans, yet his own kind seemed unwilling to permit return. It just so happened that the armored maiden looking for assistance was the perfect solution...

As the mismatched group made their way out of the darkness of that cave and into a moonlit clearing, one could not help noticing the elfs' strange dark complexion and ash-white hair. He wore a ragged suit of armour and two sharp blades on his belt, one of which he had kept a firm grip since exiting the cavern. As it came time for introductions, he spoke without hesitation "I am Xulrae." As if to offer explanation for the wondering looks at his uncommon features he added in a hissing voice ".. of the Banished Line." A glare of barely contained anger was shot toward another elf in the group before Xulrae straightened his posture and would again fall silent.
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PostSubject: Amareecia: The saga continues.   Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:39 am

The small red haired elvin girl cringed at the harshness of Xulrae's voice, not certain if he was glaring at her, or through her. Not certain, even, if any of this was real, or just another of her recent onslaught of wicked dreams. Knowing how it feels to be banished, and alone, she almost felt sorry for the odd looking elf. Almost.

Wondering how she managed to get herself caught up in such a predicament , A lifetime of memories flashed through her mind in an instant. Her childhood, in Cyrodiil. Running away and marrying Athian. Reuniting with her brother. The three of them fleeing Elvin Island, finding refuse near Varanis. Her husbands mysterious disappearance. Her best friend Met. Meine's disappearance. All the strange happennings at Castle Apatia. Her arrogant brother running off. Her new found passion for nature. Discovering the mystical power of earth, wind and fire. Following that passion, determined to continue her lost husbands good works as a healer. Then came the dreams. Those cursed dreams that ultimately led her here.....

Wondering what her friend Met would do in this situation, she lowers her gaze to the ground at her feet, and mumbles in a soft voice. "I am Amareecia." Glancing back up at Xulrae, (trying to sound confident) she adds "of the Bosmer line".

She then looks around at the rest of the group, in the eerie, awkward, moonlit silence.
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PostSubject: Re: About the Sixth of brave and Jewel of Fate   Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:17 am

Regardless the situation, her eyes shined in the darkness of the cave as she peered the people around her clearly interested. The hissing of the elf made her chuckle a bit as she thought her kind back in the Island.

The Island...

She frowned to her memory. All had gone well and she was sure the ingredients were right. Though she had succeeded partly. The portal had opened. It was just not where she thought it was. And that is when everything went black in her mind. Next thing was she and the others in the cave.

She looked at the armored maid wanting them to swear and had put a spell on them. She felt it and grinned. She had no objections for this and grinned for the enthusiasm she felt. With tingle inside her she spoke with loud enough voice for everyone to hear:

"Shadrinel... the mage from the Academy of Elves."

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PostSubject: Re: About the Sixth of brave and Jewel of Fate   Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:24 pm

As the group left the cave, they could take a better look at the maiden, iluminated by the moon.
Azure hair reaching to her shoulders, beautyfull yet cold and determined face, blue eyes. She marched with discipline, pointing out that she has a soldiers training. Her armor clean, her clothes a bit torn with sword and shield in her hands, armor and shield adorned with a golden rose.

When they asked her name she stoped, sheated her weapon, slammed her fist on her breastplate and slightly bowed her head. "Aurileth the Pure from the order of the Goldern Rose. Guardian of light and purity, last living protector of the Jewel of Fate." she said with ceremonial tone in her voice.

Some members of the group knew the order of the Golden Rose and what they knew didnt make them feel easy. The order of warrior priestesess who were known to know no fear nor temptation, always willing to fight against what they believed was wrong. Sadly they tended to be blind against reason, seeing only black and white and determined to complete theyr task at all costs. Being marked as a villain by these sisters of the Golden Rose is not something youd want to as it will surely end really bad...for you.
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PostSubject: Prelude summary   Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:14 pm

When the three elves and a previously unmentioned human man awoke at the crack of dawn they found themselves in the woods still. Remnants of a makeshift camp soon revealed they had not dreamt the events, but were no longer in company of that armored maiden from last night. Xulrae, still stiff from an escape attempt earlier which almost left him immobilized in the hills, would soon end up quarreling with the fair skinned elves. However, the bickering was suddenly stopped by a strange short man running for his life.

Upon having dispatched a giant beetle giving chase, they would soon learn the runner was the bastard grandson of an ice dwarf king, looking for fortune by doing odd jobs in the human lands to support his poor grandfather. This contradiction escaping the elves, Xulrae and Shadrinel agreed to help procure a spider's poison gland in exchange for what was assured to be a pair of magic pantaloons. Leaving their companions by the clearing, just in case they could not make it back under their own power, the trio ventured back west. Dispatching of the spiders was easy, but as soon as the promised reward had been handed to Shadrinel, the dwarf confessed on their magic being purely of the cosmetic kind and fled Xulrae's wrath over the hilltops. Surprising speed for such short feet!

Upon their return the group saw having no other alternative than to await their captor. And wait they did until...
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PostSubject: Re: About the Sixth of brave and Jewel of Fate   

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About the Sixth of brave and Jewel of Fate
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