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 Guide for players

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PostSubject: Guide for players   Guide for players EmptyMon Dec 12, 2011 12:12 am

Welcome to the new beta version of PbP forum (Play by Posting).

The purpose of this forum is give players a choice to advance their in-game RP stories even outside of Runes of Magic. At least for now meaning is not to have two different ways to RP but combine two methods for continuing the stories from in-game. If you started a scene in Runes of Magic, you are able to continue the scene here.

Please consider following at the moment before posting:

- Use only characters you have created in Runes of Magic or are going to create. Meaning, all characters you are using here must exist in Runes of Magic, too.

- You can play with any of your own character you wish.

- Please bear the basic roleplay rules in mind while posting (no godmodding, powerplay, etc). If you are uncertain what the rules are, please see this forum.

- The scenes are open for everyone to participate by default. If you however wish to have only certain people in your scene (like it is not possible for others to join, being ie. in someone's house), please inform that clearly, preferably already in topic.

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Guide for players
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