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 Andraliel and her circumstances

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Andraliel and her circumstances Empty
PostSubject: Andraliel and her circumstances   Andraliel and her circumstances EmptyTue Mar 23, 2010 2:21 am

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These things you can know before meeting the character:

If you are an elf and lived in the Island:
Druids might know her from the "academy" or such (thus some things listed below might be familiar to your character). She also had a public punishment, you might have heard of.

If you are a human:
Andraliel's name might appear on some guild job ads in Varanas.

-------- just for curiosity -------
The youngest sister in her family (consisted of one older sister and older brother plus the parents), Andraliel grew up in a stable community and had quite normal life for an elf. Almost. Her older sister, later found dead in human world, was her greatest idol because of the desire to be a human. And that desire (and the fact that she is thinking elves as oldfashioned in many ways) she decided to take as her guidance too, which, later lead her to where she is now.

Andraliel became druid and advanced pretty fast and was ready to go further in her career. But an unexpected situtation made her leave from the island leaving everything behind for good and going to Candara.

Although she doesn't consider herself weak but because of what history has shown, she is very aware that only being able to heal beings isn't always enough to keep oneself alive or safe. Practising mage skills gives her enough satisfaction about her safety and allows her to combine both classes efficiently when in wilderness. But despite of that, hurting living beings still makes her feel some sadness.

She does have some uncertainty to complete strangers in the beginning, but because of her desire, she admires humans very much and unlike for some other members of her family, humans are friends even if she wouldn't know them very well until other way is proved.[img][/img]

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Andraliel and her circumstances
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