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 Warden Cereandren

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PostSubject: Warden Cereandren   Warden Cereandren EmptyTue Mar 23, 2010 6:50 am

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These things you can know before meeting the character:

If you are an elf and lived in the Island:
Cereandren served as a minor guard in Island, so your character might have seen him patrolling there. If your character was also a guard, you might have heard he was sent after Andraliel.

If you are a human:
Cereandren's name appears on some guild job ads in Varanas.

------- just for curiosity ---------
Cereandren is a typical elf: warden, warrior and suspicious towards humans. And very stubborn with certain things.

Being an elder brother of Andraliel, who is now his only sister left, he is very possessive towards her and would like to control her more than she lets. He grew up also steadily but the death of his older sister left a negative mark of humans into him. While in island, he served as a minor guard and that kept him very satisfied. Maybe because of that he thinks very highly of himself and his abilities, which sometimes turn to be wrong and cause him unnecessary problems. He respects elven community very much and laws in there are the most important things for him. Sent after her little sister to human world wasn't most pleasant mission for him and now he is having an inner battle of how to deal with humans when forced to stay there.

He uses magic in his battles little but still despises it. Magic is for women, true men use swords and other masculine weapons, but never magic for survival and fighting only. That is, men with robes gains his certain disgust and he is not afraid to show that.

He smiles very rarely, there are no good reasons usually for him to smile. The line between right and wrong is like black and white. It is either right, or it isn't. That makes him very difficult person and it is not easy at all to become his friend. The first impression he gets from person shatters easily, in a negative way usually, and gaining his trust is extremely hard. Towards elves he is more friendly-like but that doesn't go with humans. Not hard to imagine, he doesn't have friends almost at all but he doesn't long for them either.

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Warden Cereandren
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