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 General rules

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General rules Empty
PostSubject: General rules   General rules EmptyTue Mar 23, 2010 8:11 am

(if have to mention some)

* we are not a raiding, leveling, PvP or GvG guild.
* experience of role playing or game in general is irrelevant.
* we don't take gaming too seriously.
* our main focus is in role playing.
* alt characters are allowed (unlimited at the moment).
* no level requirements not whatsoever.
* good manners etc. will keep you in guild. Insulting won't.

** Please note that characters being inactive more than 50 days are removed.
If you know that you are going to be inactive most of the times and long periods at a time but still returning to game, please contact Orpherus, Meine, Andraliel or Cereandren, - in-game or here, and we'll keep your character. Now when our member count has increased and there is a limit for members we'd like to fill places with active characters.
If you have noticed that you've been kicked out of guild without reason (i.e. forgot to tell leaders to keep character), you can contact us and rejoin.

One main reason guild was made was to gather around people interested in role playing and mainly have fun.

Seriously. We made the guild so that people wouldn't need to think of how many levels they have to gain during week or how much they have to contribute to guild so they wouldn't be kicked out. We understand people have a life, so do we (occasionally).

PvP and GvG is something many people are interested of, yes, we are aware of that. But we also know that there are many many guilds specified to that field. We don't see any reason to do the same. We also want to provide good place for people who play when they can casually (like us i.e.). PvP is fun and it is in guildies own free will to PvP etc. but keeping up a PvP oriented guild requires lots more resources and time which we don't have. Besides, we are not that interested of that.

We hope happy people with desire to play in our guild. And people who'd help each other when needed, but even that is not necessary. Forcing people do something isn't generally that good way to get results. Of course, contributing for guild is highly appreciated, but not necessary.

Of course we hope you'd be somewhat active player, but we can understand if you can't play 8 hours a day. Or not even every day. Or week.

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:: Apatia Guild Vice Leader ::

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General rules
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