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 Do's and dont's: What to avoid when roleplaying

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Do's and dont's: What to avoid when roleplaying Empty
PostSubject: Do's and dont's: What to avoid when roleplaying   Do's and dont's: What to avoid when roleplaying EmptyFri Mar 26, 2010 5:41 pm

Not quite sure how to get thoroughly absorbed in the world? Well, the magic word is immersion.
As roleplayers we want to forget that we are playing a computer game. We try to identify with our characters as if they were real beings instead of 3D models whose roles are determined by the choices we do by clicking.

Here is a list of a few examples how to take your gaming to such a level where you are no longer playing a computer game. These are not rules, just suggestions which will probably give you an idea what this is all about. In other words, what to say and what not to say when roleplaying.

x = something to avoid

x : "I've been doing the Ystra Reindeer Antler daily quest for half an hour."
Better: "I've spent the whole day gathering reindeer antlers in Ystra Highlands. It's quite profitable, one man in the village is always willing to buy them."

x: "What will you take as your secondary class?"
Better: "Oh, did you say you are a priest? That's fascinating. Did you ever consider becoming something else?"

x: "The mob drops are quite good here."
Better: "These creatures are carrying rather valuable items... I guess I will loot this dagger, I could sell it... a man must eat after all."

x: "Anyone for an insta run?"
Better: "Hey comrades, listen to me! I recently heard an interesting rumour about a dangerous cave nearby! I'm yearning for some adventures, and I really want to explore that place. Would anyone like to join me?"

x: "I'm adding stats to my robe."
Better: "I got some good advice from a local tailor the other day. He gave me some strong thread, which he said is somehow... enchanted, and if I repair my clothes with it, they will probably protect me better. I cannot wait to try it!"

x: "Can you buff me?"
Better: "My friend, could you wish me the best of luck and send the gods' blessings on me?"

x: ":)"
Better: *smiles happily* / <smiles happily>

x: "Who's tanking?"
Better: "How should we proceed? I think it might be good if one of us attacked alone first, feinting that monstrous being, then the rest of us could attack from behind."

x: "Can you ress me?"
Better: "..." (or moan; you may not be dead, just wounded and/or passed out)

x: "Damn, we died. I got 3400 XP debt."
Better: "...uh, my head feels so light... what happened? I can't remember a thing."

— Orpherus, Meine, Syadai, Marian, Ishaac

"In this brotherhood I still believe
And for the ones we've lost my soul will grieve
Yet through the world alone I wander for I know somewhere
I will find my brothers, by the sword I swear."
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Do's and dont's: What to avoid when roleplaying
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