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 Lazare - friendly foe

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PostSubject: Lazare - friendly foe   Lazare - friendly foe EmptySat Apr 03, 2010 7:41 am

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These things you might now before meeting the character:

If your character is working or has worked as assassin Varanas or in Obsidian, you probably have heard of Lazare. You might also know his reputation as some kind of womanizer.

-------just for curiosity --------
Maybe carefree is what you'd say when you first meet him. He has an easy nature to approach and he prefers it that way. He is smiling very often and wants that people around him are happy too. If he sees someone somewhat close human to him being in distress, he'd most likely prefers not to push people tell him things they don't want to tell, but you shouldn't be surprised if you in some point find yourself telling him the story you weren't about to share.

And that applied also all those poor people who found themself telling him confidental things and then not knowing what hit them.

As a child he could disappear and sneak around listening people talk without them noticing him at all. He finds this even now fascinating, sit in the room before everyone's eyes but still the way that nobody actually knows he is here. He polished this skill of his and soon found that it turned out to be a fountain of easy money. He left home at very young age, under 20. Not that he would have any quarrell with his family, but the world just was more challenging. He was in a hired army, too, for a while but noticed things going more smoothly when doing them alone.

If you ever hear him talking about his work, it might be that you never actually knew what he really did. Despite his cheerful character the work he has attached himself into isn't that cheerful. He is an assassin but never doing it for personal revenge. He could feel more remorse for all those who he killed but takes his profession as a job needed to be done and does not see any nightmares because of that. People near to him he will keep out of his occupation. Even though he doesn't see nightmares of all the killed people, some moral prevents him not to hurt people important to him. That certainly would give him nightmares.

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Lazare - friendly foe
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