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Knight/Warrior (A bad ass poet, with a gentle heart)

He was born to a small mining community 25 years ago. Working on the mines grew him a strong body, enabling him to carry the heaviest of loads on his arms and back. He was a happy child, had many friends, even loved a girl, untill the tragic day came.
When the cyclopes attacked and ravaged his home while he was working, they killed his family, friends and everyone he knew. From the burned down ruins he drew out the charred bodies of his girl, his mother and his sister, and buried them.
He went to the village of Lyk seeking the mayor and guidance. The mayor told him that if he'd become strong enough to defend those in need, learned to wield axe and sword and shield, then he would be accepted to join the militia and eventually to drive back the menace that is Cyclopes Lair.
To this day, the revenge still burns fierce in his heart, waiting, calculating. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and this time it will be freezing. In the field none can see his blade, and leave without feeling it. If ever his eyes cauge upon fear and despair he brings hope and strength. For the future he knows what he must do. There can be only peace through power...

For a long time he wandered the earth, seeking those in need of a help, guiding the lost, defending the weak. Always alone. But then a young mage came across his path, a lively fellow almost his complete opposite. That skinny fellow would eventually become his best friend, a loyal ally and advisor. He had met Teardrop...

Adventures were not new for the two. They battled in every corner of the kingdom, always emerging victorious, even in the most dangerous peril they laughed and charged forward. This recless and dangerous way of assault led the bulkier, more slow knight to be wounded almost in every battle. And he would cary those scars back to the Cyclops Lair and carve them on his enemies bodies ten fold.

As the time went on he became ill. A curse had been cast on him and even the best efforts of his closest allies only delayed the inevitable. He found the shamans from the savage lands, killed them and everyone around them. But the drain had been too much. Even Teardrops potions couldn't restore him to his full strenght. As his last mission, he set forth towards the Dragonfang ridge, and the Cyclops Lair...

No one really know what happenned. The village of Lyk still speak to this day of a man walking in plate armor, wielding a terrible looking axe entering the dreaded cave. Only cries of terror and a river of blood came out of that place. Then it happened. An earthquake that shook the entire ridge colapsed the cave. He was surely gone. After a long and hard excavation only mutilated and carved cyclops bodies were found, and a decapitated head of Uguda. But the knight was nowhere to be found.
Villager speak that an angel must have come and pulled his beaten and broken body from the gravel. Some say that he was pulled down to the fiery pitts. But I like to think that he may have escaped and returned to the place where he found some measure of peace that we all seek but few will ever find
And happy he is, and in peace. His righteous vengeance in over. The chapter that once made him a monster in now behind. In his... transformation to the baddest and strongest.. he found himself wandering in the Limo Desert, a place far far away from his new home Thunderhoof Hills. There he left a trail of dead monsters in his wake, making the place much safer for other to travel. There he seeks new challenges to meet his axe head on, and hopefully new friends.
He still keeps periodical contact with his brother Teardrop, but are rarely seen together. Mostly Tear runs after one of his practical jokes of Goth and then they stay out of contact for a time.
Goth still remembers from time to time all the places he saw while traveling with Meine, lady Andraliel, Orpherus and many more. Back in those days he wanted to be stronger than anyone. Today, that is what he is...
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