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 Whenever you are really happy, you'll get a Teardrop

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Whenever you are really happy, you'll get a Teardrop Empty
PostSubject: Whenever you are really happy, you'll get a Teardrop   Whenever you are really happy, you'll get a Teardrop EmptyFri Apr 09, 2010 6:45 am


"This man, this mage. The one that walks around the world and sings. That's right, Teardrop. What unusual name."

But so is the man. Frivolous with women, and a deep thinker.
When ever there was trouble, he was there to solve it. Not with strength, not with magic, but with words. His young age made him special for all could see that he was smart. He was sent to Varanas, to learn from the best. Eventually he returned back home as a well scholared fellow. Small towns were where he came from, and that was the place for him to return to.
But the flame for adventure burned hard in his veins. He could not settle down just yet. He had heard of distant lands and huge monsters that terrorized people. From that moment on, on the eve of his 24th birthday he sett out from the comforts of his home, looking for more trouble.
On his way to Logar he stopped by to give the mayor some advice and headed out in to the open world. His path was clear: From Varanas to Silverfall. Then the Ystra Highlands. Devildust canyon and Ravenfell. Weeping coast, and the journey ends at Aotulia Volcano. his road would be dangerous, he would meet a lot of strange new people, some friends, some enemies. But certain he was about one thing. They would all remember him. Whether it was through his magic or his charming personality, he would leave a mark on them.

So he grew and grew, more powerfull every day. He wound up adventuring with a man, no ordinary barbarian, but a knight, a vengeful spirit. His strenght matched his size and loyalty. Together they were unstoppable, even the gigantic monsters fell to their dual might. They were their shields and swords, guides of morality and compassion.

The loss

One of the pair was ill, but they tried to stick together. Looking for a cure from the ends of the world, they travelled far and far beyond the horizon. But eventually the cost was too high, and Teardrop would lose his only true friend. He could but watch from a distance and cast an earthbreaking spell to make sure that the cyclops would never again march out against Dragon Fang Ridge. He buried his frend and the beasts, there ended his pact of friedship...

For a mage, reson, wisdom, intelligence and logic are the usuall building blocks for a mind. But spending time with a different kind of person changed him. If you would let your life hang on one hand, you would wish that hand be strong and steady as it was with his friend.
The mind had stepped aside, replaced with a real, beating, full of life heart. The kind that trusts more guts than reason. But the loss was too much for his new heart, so much that it drove him to the bottle. And from the bottle he tries to find a new thread to cling onto.
Will he ever find it, will he find peace?

And time has passed. Much has happenned to the man.
Where to begin, so much to tell. A tale of both joy and sorrow.
A journey that made a happy man hollow.

Needless to say, to this tale there exists bad and good, wrong and right.
And through mistakes and faults, hardship, failure, defeat, all is either dropped and lost, or won.

And so it begins...

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Whenever you are really happy, you'll get a Teardrop
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