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 The Story of the Annointed

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The Story of the Annointed Empty
PostSubject: The Story of the Annointed   The Story of the Annointed EmptySat May 29, 2010 5:08 pm

The Story of the Annointed Naslov10
The Annointed comes from a long lineage of Elven Justicars. They represent the highest level of enforcement of the Law of Nature. They are often considered a myth, mostly by uneducated humans. However, that is not completely unreasonable, due to the rarity of their presence in the world outside the elven sanctuaries. Elven justicars are only sent into the outside world when some terrible force, or in our case many such forces combined, jeopardise the only doctrine, Law of Nature, the only diction of which is that everything and evryone defying the law should be and will be smitten, without mercy and without consideration. 

The myth says that Justicars are the last remnants of the presence of Gods. They are therefore considered to be demigod-like, with superior knowledge and combat skills as well as the unique power to restore life and order of nature. Reality is far less epic. they undergo years of rigorous training and study the arts of nature and humans alike, following the principle "know thy enemy" above all. In the consecration ceremony, which marks their initiation into the revered and also dreaded order of Justicars, they are stripped of all wordly bonds, including their name, their family and their memories. They are born anew, born into another, solitary existence of a Law of Nature enforcer.

So the Annointed has been sent to the lands of humans. first steps were hard and first encounters awkward. But in a world of human domination and unnatural abominations, every enemy of your enemy is considered a temporary ally, as hard as that can be. Annointed has rid herself of initial abhorence of all humans, and finds them interesting in their ability to be extremely good, or extremely corrupt, but mostly for their ability to just not care of the wrongs that revolve around them.

She has acquired some knowledge of what is happening to once lush world of peace and equality and natural order, as well as some equpment, that has lied hidden in plain sight, only to be revealed to a being of true nature. What sinister encounters await the young Justicar
and what perils lurk upon her? Only time will tell.

Alignment: neutral, out of commonly good or bad.

Aware of and aknowledging humans and their growing powers. Initially they were a necessary evil, now she has realized that some humans make powerful allies, as well as possess some useful magic, unknown to elves. Individuals known as outcasts to men make for useful mercenaries.

The Story of the Annointed Avatar11
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The Story of the Annointed
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