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 Orpherus is mad, bad and dangeroust to know... almost.

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Orpherus is mad, bad and dangeroust to know... almost. Empty
PostSubject: Orpherus is mad, bad and dangeroust to know... almost.   Orpherus is mad, bad and dangeroust to know... almost. EmptyTue Nov 24, 2009 1:51 pm


warrior/knight (rogue)

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Orpherus is a lively young man, and very adventurous at heart.

Orpherus had a relatively secure childhood, living with his parents, siblings and cousin, Meine, in a small town. On the threshold of adulthood Orpherus joined the army in his home land, mostly because his father insisted on him doing so. However, a certain tragic incident led him to resign and set off for Candara, leaving behind his promising future as a soldier.

Having always been fairly interested in herbs, potions, and magic, Orpherus started practising alchemy. He would have loved to become a mage, but earlier his army training had prevented him from concentrating on studying magic. Moreover, he thinks he lacks the right "aura" to use supernatural powers. Having explored Candara for some time, his manners became more and more roguish – he took advantage of his agility and ended up using almost assasin-like methods when getting rid of the obstacles in his way. A honorable warrior had buried a part of his honour.

After a long time he began to ponder over his honour and ethics, and most importantly; his goals. As he has a cause worth fighting for, he realized he wants to face whatever there is to come standing on the front line instead of lurking in the shadows. He gave up using poisons, and concentrated on practising the skills he had learnt in the army. (More information about his reasons for "class change" later, once it is official roleplay-wise as well.)

He may seem like a lone wolf, but he does not mind company either. He loves his freedom and independence, and anyone who doesn't threaten those values could potentially be his friend. He dislikes being dependent on other people, but he has grown to accept the fact that he cannot always survive all alone. However, he hates being bossed about.

Orpherus' reckless courage is also his biggest weakness. He often ends up hurting himself, and it's very typical of him to miscalculate how serious a certain threat is. Sometimes close call situations cause him haunting nightmares afterwards. He acknowledges his flaw, and constantly tries to get rid of it, yet so far without any luck...
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Orpherus is mad, bad and dangeroust to know... almost.
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