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 Vectus, Artifact hunter extraordinaire!

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Vectus, Artifact hunter extraordinaire! Empty
PostSubject: Vectus, Artifact hunter extraordinaire!   Vectus, Artifact hunter extraordinaire! EmptySat Sep 25, 2010 5:16 am

Vectus hails from the town of Logar, though if any were to ask him about his past he'd be reluctant to reveal any significant details. He was the bastard child of a night watchman and never knew his father, while his mother was too overworked to pay much attention to young Vectus. His low social standing didn't allow much for manuevering in terms of position, so in order to earn a decent living he would have to discover a new way of making money that didn't consist of back breaking, ceaseless labor.

An opportunity arose when he met a passing caravan. The Headsman was looking for new blood to fill out his ranks and Vectus seemed to be bright and desperate enough to take the job. Soon Vectus would find that this was no ordinary caravan. It was a group of mercenary treasure hunters that would go to almost any length to make a coin.

It was with these treasure hunters that he first became accustomed to the outside world and with it, the dangers that it offered. He learned quickly, learning ways to avoid or escape danger as well as skills with a dagger. The treasure hunters would procure objects of power, magical or otherwise, that they would later sell to the highest bidder. Not only this, but at times they would capture strange or unique specimens and sell it to the Eye of Wisdom for study. Needless to say, the means of aquiring such objects was often less then honest, skirting the boundaries of legality and decency.

With them often traveled many a mage. It is here that Vectus began to show an aptitude at understanding magical arts. To the amazement of the travelling mages he could learn the craft of the mage almost intuitionally. Vectus' social position would never allow him to attend or even afford any kind of magical tutoring, however with the caravan he would be able to pick up basic lessons from the travelling wizards.

Eventually, Vectus began to train himself. The fact that they were treasure hunters that came into contact with many strange items of magic and knowledge, Vectus was at the forefront of examining them. This way, Vectus slowly but surely trained himself to be an able mage. Needless to say, such freelance pilfering of sometimes sacred artifacts or relics would raise a few eyebrows.

During a deep summers night, when most of the caravan was asleep or at rest. A raiding party of unknown affilitation attacked and ambushed the treasure hunters. Few survived the impending chaos and violence. Vectus, however, had been studying late into the night. From his wagon he was able to notice the approaching attackers and promptly made the decision to escape and run as far away as his legs could take him. Vectus never did find out what people attacked the caravan, in any case he was now on his own.

His feet seemed to have taken him to the outskirts of Varanas. There, he tried to do the same job that he was used to. With out a proper team, it was almost impossible to get the magical artifacts and keep your head intact at the same time. Vectus was forced to get much smaller jobs, barely ever uncovering something worthy of study. Often he would be worried whether the Eye of Wisdom or the Phirius workshops would pay anything for the objects he found.

One day, while attending a local juice festival, a festival he despised, he met a certain man named Orpherus. It was Orpherus that heard Vectus out and gave him a chance by allowing him to use the organization and castle he owned as a center for his research. Relieved that he now has a base of operations, Vectus continues to venture out searching for artifacts often with the aid of Apatia members.

Recent events: After a mission deep within the Forsaken Abbey, Vectus was horribly wounded by giant bats that feed on the blood of their victims. The wounds were of a kind that even a healer was unable to remove them, each healing prayer making Vectus scream in agony. Later, Vectus would return to the Forsaken Abbey, compelled to go deeper within. Falling into a trance of which he remembers nothing, he and few allies would search out to kill the Vampiric count. After defeating the Vampire count, Vectus' allies were suspicious of his behavior within the abbey, so much so that they wanted to confine him for safe observation. Whatever was happening to him he didn't have a clue, his once golden hair turned white in a matter of seconds. Vectus, remembering how his treasure hunter companions treated creatures and people that were unique or different, made his escape jumping into the Varanas moat.
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Vectus, Artifact hunter extraordinaire!
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