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 It's Meine life

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It's Meine life Empty
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Things you might know about Meine before meeting him:
  • If you have met any priest, monk or other religious person in Varanas, you may have heard of Meine in a subordinate clause. He has been asked to personally teach one young girl. The most conventional priests may have a less positive outlook on him, and you might hear them describing Meine as being radical or heathen.
  • Meine has helped several Varanas citizens by treating their illnesses and injuries.

Meine is a young priest, a deep and relatively decent man.

Having lost his family under suspicious circumstances at a very young age (too young to remember anything), Meine ended up spending his childhood with his uncle's family, and his cousin Orpherus. His childhood was quite secure and comfortable, though overshadowed by him being quite sickly. Thus, his adoptive parents did not allow him to practise anything too physical, such as fencing, which he would have desired. Instead, he was sent to a temple for some religious education.

As Meine grew up, he studied hard and served well at the temple in order to become a priest, although he was bitter about not being able to realize his dreams of becoming a soldier. At a more mature age Orpherus was about to leave for Candara and asked Meine to join him, but Meine refused, wanting to finish his studies. Having become a full-learnt priest at the temple, he decided he did not want to stay in his home town or at the temple – and thus, much to his teachers’ dismay, he left Kolydia.
Having thoroughly realized his vulnerability caused by his illness and the lack of combat skills, he started to practise magic. Although he valued his priest ethic, he found that he was interested in darker magic as well.

Although Meine considers himself a priest, he has contradictory feelings about his position. He usually helps people in need – even if he didn't really want to – because he feels responsible. His ethic often forces him to be nicer than he would like to be. Impartiality is rather important to him – basically his motto is "from the time I was born, 'till the day I die, the only side I'm on is my own". If some issues don't touch him personally, he prefers not to get involved at all.

What most people get to see of Meine at first sight is a cold man with a cruel look, behaving in a formal way, avoiding familiarity. However, once you have gained his trust and are considered his friend, he will most likely be particularly considerate and helpful. He rarely expects any favour in return if he bothers to help someone. He may seem quick-tempered, but in fact he has adept control of himself and his feelings, with only a few too hasty actions. Surprisingly, he is always striving for justice.

Being slightly bitter and disappointed about his inability to realize his dreams, he is constantly seeking for some valuable content to his life.

— Orpherus, Meine, Syadai, Marian, Ishaac

"In this brotherhood I still believe
And for the ones we've lost my soul will grieve
Yet through the world alone I wander for I know somewhere
I will find my brothers, by the sword I swear."
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It's Meine life
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