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 Amareecia - The Beginning

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Amareecia - The Beginning Empty
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Living a very sheltered childhood, Amareecia is blooming into young adulthood, extremely naive to the ways of the world.

Amareecia's first memories reside in Cyrodiil, where she was raised. She heard stories of being born Taborea. Stories of a great flood taking the life of her older brother, when she was but an infant. Stories of ferocious lizard people, wars and lawlessness.

Reec, as her closest friends refer to her, met a young half-elf in Imperial City. It was love at first sight. When her parents forbade her to associate with the halfling, she left home and married the half elf, called Athian. They lived in Bruma for two years. At Athians request, they then journied to Taborea, to further his studies.

Upon reaching the Elvin Island, Reec was plesantly shocked to find her older brother Aulus, whom she had been told was lost in the great flood, in the land of her birth. The three of them shared a humble abode, while the men continued there studies and Reec tended the house.

The next two years were pleasantly event-less, until the day fate threw the trio into an ugly catylist... After "the event", they left the Elvin Island in search of new lives.

One day, as they traveled past the gates of Veranis, they were robbed by a gang of bandits of all their worldly possessions, their wagon destroyed. Taking pity on the trio, a friendly elf invited them to a wonderous castle for the night. They have been there ever since.
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Amareecia - The Beginning
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