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 Reynah - Chained down

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Reynah - Chained down Empty
PostSubject: Reynah - Chained down   Reynah - Chained down EmptyFri Apr 29, 2011 2:11 pm


From the moment she could walk, Reynah had a wanderer's pair of feet. They would take her from her mother's safe arms into the unknown reaches of the cottage she grew up in. As small and confining as it seemed years later when she left, as big it was for her then. Forgotten cabinets, dusty corners and secluded windowsills; she had soon set foot all around the house and before long she exchanged the hard wooden floor of the cottage for the soft soil and vegetation of the forest. The forest offered unlimited possibilities and Reynah took full advantage of this freedom.

Her parents had trouble keeping control over their wild daughter and - as often happens - pushed Rey away by trying to restrict her. As a result the girl regularly ran away from home for days, bringing with her only her makeshift bow and a small amount of food. Every day away from home was an adventure. Sleeping under the stars, experiencing the local wildlife as it prowled about at night, the adrenaline pumping through her veins again every time she successfully shot herself a rabbit or bird for dinner.

Lucky as she was, rather than running into suspicious characters she often met up with seasoned travellers who seemed to have no ill intent. Early on they taught the girl the ways of the road and, taken in by the young Elf whose spirit appeared to be as fiery as her hair, each gave her a push in the right direction to take better care of herself. Her skills as a scout improved steadily, fuelled both by the enthusiasm of her mentors and her own curiosity and eagerness. Along with her skills, her personality developed. Her tongue sharpened and her resolve swelled, changing the naive girl into someone who wouldn't be trampled on.

Along with these changes came the realisation that she couldn't stay here. The forest was closing in around her and it was time to move on. She joined up with a band of travelers and there she met Ash, a middle-aged Elf who was skilled in the ways of the Druids. She showed to Reynah the wonders of healing, of using nature's energy to keep enemies at bay and aid your allies. Reynah was fascinated that this energy she had always felt around her was actually willing to bend to her will. In healing she found a peace of mind that she couldn't find elsewhere. While she has always been and will always be a little rough around the edges, she has since striven to become an accomplished Druid. Ash also taught her the beginnings of Alchemy, a way of healing and strengthening when magic failed or for others when she wasn't around. While she's not particularly fond of the craft, she practices it whenever she gets the opportunity to and has the time.

Years passed and Reynah blossomed. She changed company often, enjoying the change of environment it brought. She would offer her services in return for gold to protect villages, escort and guard individuals, treat the wounded, and, most importantly, look for and follow up on every hint for adventure. One of these adventures marks a new chapter in her life.


[Insert life changing event that will hopefully be posted later on. Ending situation: Rey got Ner out of his compromising situation yet now they're stuck with each other.]


Nersai is an unwanted addition to Reynah's party. She looks back with trouble on the day she went into that forest and retrieved him. If only she hadn't tuned in to the conversation of the couple next to her in that tavern, informing her of the hermit's whereabouts. If only she had told the hermit she wasn't interested. If only she hadn't ignored that nagging voice in the back of her mind telling her to turn around and move on somewhere else.

Yet here she was. Stuck with the brat who'd had the nerve to set off this chain of events.
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Reynah - Chained down
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