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 Nersai - Dragged

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Much of Nersai’s history, his memories, are lost to him, including most things besides the name “Nersai”. He was born in the forests, which forest exactly is uncertain, all he knows that it was dark. The depths were dark and cold, but the majority was vibrant and alive, alive enough for Elves to live and prosper within it, but going deep into the woods was ‘dangerous’ and only the Leaders would make their way into it.

Nersai felt a bond with the spirits of the forest as a child, strengthening it until he could summon them from the Earth. He trained himself, with any weapon he could get his hands on, coming to be most adept with the blade. The Wardens are the elite of the Elves fighting force, he felt this pride within every inch of his being and he swelled with it, with blade in his hand, and a spirit standing strong by his side. He felt he could take on everything that came at him, everything that threatened his race.

His powers grew, thought possibly more in his mind as his vanity and pride grew even more and he strived to swell his power, perfect his techniques, and summon greater, more powerful beings to help in his quest to become the greatest.

He had heard tales that there was one being so great. A spirit no elf had dared summon before, for fear of being unworthy, fear of being destroyed in the process. Nersai had no such fear, he was confident that it would heed his every command, gaining respect from his community and becoming a legend. So he travelled to the place that the spirit was said to linger. He would let nothing get between him and his goal, anything that challenged him was destroyed, the beasts and spirits of the land cried out.

This place was where “The forest is at its darkest. Its coldest.” This was one of the first times Nersai had felt fear, just standing there made him shiver, it took him a while to remember why he was there. Sure of his victory he started the preperations, reaching out for the spirit. It didn’t take long to sense it, in fact, it found him first.

He couldn’t stop himself from yelping as his mind was suddenly flooded with another consciousness, he could hear it whispering, calm but angry, loud but quiet. A sudden realisation hit him. He was no longer in control, he had wanted to find this spirit, he had found it, and now it would cost him everything. Everything went dark as he was shoved to the back of his own mind and something else took control.

He was kept there, preserved in the centre of the forest, the vines and plants growing around him.He remembers the spirit speaking through him to others who visited, either lost or, like him, over-confident. He acted as a warning, and even a shield for it as he remembers even having fought under it’s unfluence.

He was trapped like this for more years than he cares to remember, until one day, it was talked into giving him over into the custody of a young, red-haired Elf.
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Nersai - Dragged
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