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 Athaure - Wish of a Lifetime

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PostSubject: Athaure - Wish of a Lifetime   Athaure - Wish of a Lifetime EmptySat Apr 30, 2011 12:13 pm

Athaure, an ordinary elf among the ordinary elven community. He hails from the Elven island where he was brought to. His past memories about his parents and his original birthplace are unknown, hidden somewhere inside of him memories...
Athaure joined the Elven Academy in order to gain enough knowledge to start a life of him own. The most intersting classes for him were the survial class, taught by Augsi and Battle skills by Machi Yoda personally. He quickly gained a high potential in both of the two classes. Soon he already gained the maximum grade in every class and managed to get even the advanced certificate. After 4 later after completing the Elven Academy with maximum scores, he was recruited into the Elven military army, where he served for a year, until he was dispatched over to the exploration unit, where he served as a spy. From there he learned the basic druid skills, which came very handy on his travels. One day he heard that the spies or soldiers strong enough to battle with the nagas, were accepted to Aotulia Volcano. That became his highest dream related with army. Athaure has a unique personality which can be found among very few elves : He is religious. He hasn't actually described his god via name, but more like prays to him as "You". He sometimes shies away from things as well, like dissapearing into mid-air. He can act like a calm and collective elf or arrogant and bold, depending on the mood.
Currently he has left from the army, in personal reasons (which are currently unknown).
One day he decided to join Apatia, tired of been lonely.
He can make up for the guild in stealth and expertise in poisons.
Also he aims to return to the army as a fully discplined stealth general.

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Athaure - Wish of a Lifetime
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