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 Jedoniah - Resident Apparition

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Jedoniah - Resident Apparition Empty
PostSubject: Jedoniah - Resident Apparition   Jedoniah - Resident Apparition EmptySat May 07, 2011 8:22 am

Some say Jedoniah is a myth. Others know better.
His gangly manifestation is said to be seen roaming Castle Apatia on occasion. Those who claim to have seen him would probably tell you he seems very confused, and quite bitter. Others would say he is quick to anger.

No one has ever claimed to be harmed by Jed in any manor, although some (claim to have) fled his presence, quite terrified.

Attempts to communicate with Jedoniah are said to be virtually in vain. He seldom seems to acknowledge anyones presence. When he does, he seems to have considerable trouble articulating. Strange, however, is that when he seems to be speaking to no one in particular, his ramblings are easily spoken, though thay make little sense.

There are many speculations floating around about ole' Jed, but thats all they are. Speculations.

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Jedoniah - Resident Apparition
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