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 Jedoniah - Apparition FAQ

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PostSubject: Jedoniah - Apparition FAQ   Jedoniah -  Apparition  FAQ EmptySat May 07, 2011 11:17 am

Question: Is my character supposed to be able to see Jed? (I get this a lot)

Answer: The general rule of thumb here is, if you see him on your computer screen, then your character sees him. Some characters see him faster than others.
Beyond that, there are some characters who fail to see him at all. (at the players discretion) So what it boils down to is if you see him on your screen, at that point it is up to you whether or not your character sees him.

Question: Can the player behind Jed tell when my charactor is able to see him?

Answer: No. The distance from which people can see Jed is determined by your characters level, (and class?). It ranges from a few feet to several hundred yards. He has no way of knowing when characters can or cannot see Jed. He depends solely on character reaction to determine this. But rest assured, if Jed wants to be seen, he will.

Jedoniah -  Apparition  FAQ Jed
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Jedoniah - Apparition FAQ
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