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 Nalene Myrenair's Bio

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PostSubject: Nalene Myrenair's Bio   Nalene Myrenair's Bio EmptySun Jun 12, 2011 10:30 am

Name: Nalene of House Myrenair

Age: 21

Race and Class: Human Shieldmaiden (OOC: Knight/Priest)

Observable traits: Relatively young and average Human woman with a slim frame. She mostly wears robes when not fighting. When she does fight, she mostly wears reinforced chain armour. Her face is average like most about her but Nalene does often have a frown on her.

Family: Ylene Anister (Mother, elderly.), Narold Myrenair (Father, dead.)

Background: Nalene was born twenty-one years ago at a small estate in the city of Vaneras as the only daughter of Ylene and Narold. As she was born into nobility, her early life was relatively quiet. Typical days consisted of learning history, arts, reading and writing. As Nalene grew older and Ylene and Narold were unsuccessful to produce a male heir to the house she was trusted more and more onto the path of becoming the new leader of the house.

Knowing that Nalene would one day had to defend the honour of House Myrenair, she spend most of her adolescence studying politics and combat training. As the years flowed by, Nalene eventually developed herself into a polite Noblewoman with a quick tongue and a strong sword arm.

During Nalene's early adulthood, her father Narold had gotten into a political joust about Vaneras' foreign policy. Although evidence was never found, it is presumed that Narold was poisoned by his most favoured strawberry wine and successively perished from a stroke. On his dead bed, Narold made Nalene swear to search for his poisoner and uphold the shield of House Myrenair for the years to come.
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Nalene Myrenair's Bio
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