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 Marian is neither a maiden nor a lady

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Marian is neither a maiden nor a lady Empty
PostSubject: Marian is neither a maiden nor a lady   Marian is neither a maiden nor a lady EmptyMon Jun 13, 2011 3:03 pm


warrior/rogue (officially neither)

There is not much one can know about Marian before actually meeting him. However, he can be seen almost daily on the training grounds in the guild castle, practising his swordskills.


Marian is Syadai's older brother who arrived in Candara almost a year later than his sister. Unlike his sister, he was a very dutiful young man, probably with all the chances to stay in his strict and conventional homeland, leading his life following the stringent code of conduct. However, a certain incident led the general atmosphere and attitude towards him grow suspicious, and lacking the motivation to make a difference, he decided to leave his homeland and travel far away to a place where he thought he knew his sister was living a life much happier and more free than what she had had in Kolydia.

With a bit of luck, the journey to the castle of Apatia turned out surprisingly easy. Marian arrived safely at the castle. Having been a teacher in his homeland, he figured he did not have many truly useful skills. He's not as clumsy as his sister, nor as hopeless when it comes to learning practical things. However, being from a middle-class family, he did not have unlimited career options in his homeland. He was teaching such things as reading, writing and arithmetics to children of the highest social classes who were to reach the highest positions of the society one day.

Being eager to learn new things, he began to practise fencing in order to become a guard of the castle. At the moment his interest lies mostly in improving his skills and becoming more and more useful to the guild. He would also like to learn to know the Candaran culture as he comes from a very different one. He often feels alienated and lonely, sometimes even awkward around other people. However, he's far from being stupid, and he knows it – but it's just the different traditions that make him feel uneasy. He's not particularly timid, usually just uncertain and humble, yet not too afraid to speak out if necessary. However, he can be shy around women.

— Orpherus, Meine, Syadai, Marian, Ishaac

"In this brotherhood I still believe
And for the ones we've lost my soul will grieve
Yet through the world alone I wander for I know somewhere
I will find my brothers, by the sword I swear."
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Marian is neither a maiden nor a lady
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