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 The hooded figure

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PostSubject: The hooded figure   The hooded figure EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 5:09 pm

Raldin grew up quite normally, having both parents and a nice house. One of the major key moments in his life was, when he discovered his parents on the floor, dead. Years later he found out that his parents were killed by an assassin. This caused his anger problems, why he constantly warns people not to anger him. Although he has a sarcastic side, he lacks the "normal" sense of humor. After death of his parents, Raldin was raised by a unknown hunter from Aslan Valley. He soon became paranoid of evil lurking in every corner of the world, he trained into a rogue. He always thought that when you can't get rid of evil, you must join them. Although must rogues lack the goodness, he was determined to hunt down evil rather then good. Apart from constantly taking down evil, he always seemed to have a aliking towards magic. The most unique part of Raldin's story was uncovered when he was struk by a lighting, apparently casted by a wizard. He manged to survive and discovered that his senses were somehow highlightened and that he felt the flow of mana inside of him.

There were three things, which gave him the oppurtunity to enter into a secret order of goodwilled rogues were the constant determination to hunt down evil, extraordinary senses and his impressive skills to track down the game (learned from the stepfather who was the unknown hunter). From there he befriended with Athaure. In his childhood he didn't have many friends, but in this time, he never knew anybody clearly enough...

One of the side-effects of getting hit by that lighting made him a bit un-tolerant towards the sun, thus he wears hood as much as he can, not wanting to hurt his skin.

Most notable Sims 3 traits for them are the folowing in the random order:
Hot Headed
No sense of humor
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The hooded figure
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