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 Iyanari, the cutest priestess you'll ever meet.

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Iyanari, the cutest priestess you'll ever meet. Empty
PostSubject: Iyanari, the cutest priestess you'll ever meet.   Iyanari, the cutest priestess you'll ever meet. EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 9:09 am

I thought it was about time I got my butt in gear and wrote a little something about Iyanari, even if you know her by now... Okay, I might be using this as a reason to procrastinate and not do my psychology revision. Whatever. XD

Name: Iyanari, aka. Nari, or Iya.

Funny, she never mentioned her second name.

Age: 18

Hair: Long scarlet tresses which she usually keeps up in a ponytail.

Eyes: Brilliant azure hues, which can often be found perusing people while they talk – trying to work out what they REALLY mean.

Body type: Slender, petite.

She's really not built for physical combat and would prefer to avoid it! She lacks much muscle, which makes every day heavy lifting a real chore, that's pretty fun to watch... especially with how determined she is to prove she isn't feeble.


Light magic – she has a natural gift for healing.
Empathy – Ever since she can remember, she's had the inclination to help everyone she meets. She has been known to feel their pain or emotion, but she passes this off as being over-caring.


Key words to describe her, for lazy people:

Optimistic, content, bubbly, playful, funny, kind, generous, excitable, childish, reckless, impetuous, empathetic, caring.

The long short version:

Just a girl, on her own personal quest to make every single being in the world happy.

Iyanari can be thought to have a contagious personality, through her unwavering sense of contentment which isn't easily shaken. Maybe it's her persistence that makes it difficult to ignore her optimistic nature. She will grind you down until you give in and smile. -Childlike look of determination.-

She maintains the mentality that everyone can change, and she will change them.

Also that everyone has a gooey, mushy centre and it's up to her to find it! (Especially you, Cere.)

She's rarely serious – not through lack of not realising the severity of a situation, but more... because she feels the need to lighten any tension around her.

She's guided by a strict moral compass and can be stubborn when it comes to doing the right thing, regardless of the aftermath. She will always try to do what is good and just.

A little bit of a biography, though, you'll have to find out the rest in RP.

Iyanari's mother died during child birth, so she never actually knew her – though she heard stories growing up, of how her mother was a talented healer with a heart of gold. She followed in her footsteps, vowing to be the greatest healer there ever was to make her proud.

Because of her mother's death, the little ray of sunshine was practically raised by her older sister – as their father, a high ranking officer in the army, was always away on duty. He tried his best, but Iyanari reminded him so much of his wife that he could barely spend time around the house. To this day, she still thinks he blames her for her mother's death... but she'd never mention that, or much of her father.

Not many know why she left her home, perhaps it was just the right time to leave and set out on her adventures to hone her gifts. She doesn't really mention must of her past life – she lives in the moment, and tries not to dwell on things that make her sad. She'd rather hear about you, while hiding in her little protective bubble of optimism where harsh reality doesn't even graze her.

For now, she's with Apatia to train her gifts while helping her guildies with any injuries they might have. Adventuring alone was always unbearable for her, she'd much rather be part of the community. After all, friends make everything fun!
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Iyanari, the cutest priestess you'll ever meet.
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