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 'Attention to detail'

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'Attention to detail' Empty
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It all started with a bad day.

Lets just say mistakes where made and Elves, Men, and Ents alike were all put in a rather dire sitaution, which they did not know about. Then the Elders found out... They put me straight back into work 'repairing the damage' as they called it. I was young at the time, naive, but nonetheless I obeyed, a chance for redemption I suppose. I was deffinitly one of the luckier ones who where involved. After all, I am still breathing...

An Alchemist named Reynolds was the man who aided me in my work. We were tasked to mark down every detail of our beloved island... An impossible task that the Elder's thought would never be completed. Im not gonna lie, it took years. It felt like a lifetime. Everything was recorded from the Lifecycle of the Ents to the Reproduction of the Spore-men.

It was on that little task that Reynolds uncovered these Mushrooms that had some rather intreasting properties. Being an Alchemist and all, he really just couldn't help himself. We were developing a map at the time that he spilt some of this mushrooms goo on it. It was sealed, the map sprang to life. Creatures moved, Elves, sang, and Ents roamed the map as they did reality. Our creation was a masterpiece, and we quickly shared it with the other Elves.

Our masterpiece was short lived as the Elder council heard about our map. They came for us and they caught us. We were fearful, unaware of what our fate might behold. Well I can say I was the lucky one. Reynolds disappeared, I was let to live, and our map was destroyed.

Months past as I worried about my friend. Then one day I was approached by the Elder council, who knighted me a hero of the Elven people. Heh, ironic. Then they sent me on a mission. Go across the sea, to the land of the *Shudder* Humans.... Where I shall create more of these magical maps... Right after I replace the one they destroyed of course. I wondered where I was supposed to get one of Reynold's magic potions from. About two days later... These exact potions started appearing. One was sat on a table while I read, one was by the lake as I bathed...

Reynolds is alive, and once I have finished my task... I shall find him and free him of what ever fate has become of him... After all... Loyalties lie with the Elder's... Right?

These events made me into the man I am today. Sinister, yet often kind. Sociable and helpful. Easy for Elves to get on with, yet horrid to Humans. Humorous and well spoken, but with a hidden fury. Clever, yet twisted. I present my-self in the nicest cloths and leathers that I can find. I suppose it's a representation of my mixed personalty... My massive height gives me the stature of a leader, and someone to look up to.

My name is Ellthiaku, and these are my Chronicles.
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'Attention to detail'
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