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 Help support a supply line, reward in gold

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Help support a supply line, reward in gold Empty
PostSubject: Help support a supply line, reward in gold   Help support a supply line, reward in gold EmptySat Jul 02, 2011 8:09 am

[This poster can be found on the Guild Castle Board. For those who might recognize, it is not Armistan's handwriting.]

A distuinguised sponsor and member of Apatia seeks your aid, adventurer.

The war effort in Dragonfang Ridge is in dire need for further supplies and Lord Armistan has been appointed to outfit a steady supply of shields devastated by the Order of Dark Glory's powerful cyclops adversaries. For effective mass production, vast amounts of ancient relics the Eye of Wisdom researchers call 'Frost runes' are required.

It is hereby requested that any rune pieces with two cranked blue lines be delivered to our warehouse in Varanas for inspection. The reward for a single rune, upon deemed viable for use, has been set at four hundred gold coins.

May Narfas guard your expeditions.

((In an attempt to combine RP and ingame moneymaking with blurring the lines of our IC and OOC gaming, feel free to COD all Frost runes to Armistan for 400 gold / piece if you don't have other plans for them. Thank you.))
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Help support a supply line, reward in gold
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