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 Noryel Winterheart

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PostSubject: Noryel Winterheart   Noryel Winterheart EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 4:27 pm

Name: Noryel Winterheart

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Age: 125

Proffesion: Mage

Allegiance: Mostly to herself, to her mysterious mentor in white robes, maybe in the future to those she will trust.

Physical description: She is tall as ordinary people (around 180 cm), she is quite slim but not too much. She is beauty by elven standards but humans might find her very atractive almost iresistable, because of her "curves" on the proper places. She has long snow-white hair, not very organized, forelock covers half of her face, back of her hair reaches half of her back and in the center sits small ponytail tied up by a blue cloth with bird feathers of the same colour. Her almond shaped eyes are icy blue and have an inteligent look but you cant figure out what she thinks out of them. Some people might feel uneasy when she looks at them because of having quite cold expression mostly. She speaks melodically and more quiet than most people, again some people might feel uneasy because of her mostly cold and uninterested tone. Not very muscular although not feeble either. She walks with a proud posture and elegancy. In a whole her face somehow resembles a winter wolf.

Background: Noryel was quiet and calm from the day she was born. She never cryed and showed anger only ocassionally. Her mother died when she gave birth to her. Because of her strange apearance, quietness, uneasy feeling of cold and the death of her mother, most elves talked about her as a "cursed child". Her father raised her alone as best as he could but he died one night, torn apart by a white wolf pack wich atacked Noryels home village, masacring the villagers. When they came to Noryels house and killed her father, she didnt shed even a single tear she just sat in front of the wolves, wich oddly didnt atack her. Vitnesses who survived say that she just glared at the wolves and they turned and left. That happened when she was 15. This event even strenghtened other peoples belief that Noryel is cursed. She kept living by herself not going out from her home most of the time, until she was 20. One day a man in long snow-white robes, with a staff, acompanyed by a winter wolf came to the village and asked about the incident, villagers told him about the cursed girl. That day the villagers seen Noryel for the last time, leaving the village with the man and the wolf. For many years she studyed the fine arts of magic under the man in white, never leaving his tower, until one day the man disappeared. She packed few things and left the tower. By a coincidence she got into Varanas city, where she started her search for the man in white.

Personality: Mostly cold and seemingly uninterested. She doesnt have much of common knowledge and shes totally lost concerning humans. She hates being touched and might react very randomly. Some might say she is overconfident or almost fearless or it might be that not many things interest her enough to bother because of them. She is kind of secretive and might hide more than she is willing to say. Tends to get very sleepy a lot.

Weakness: Lack of fear and common sense. She hates being touched. She gets kind of hypnotized by strange things and sometimes by white colored animals. Might fall asleep randomly when tired. She totally doesnt understand humans and tends to get lost in cityes.

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Noryel Winterheart
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