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 Dragon Lady

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Proprietor of The Dragon Inn

Affectionately known only as "The Dragon Lady", little is really known about the gruff proprietor of The Dragon Inn. She was born and raised in Logar, with her only sibling, Cid Jr. Her parents are rather non~descript. Her father, Cid Sr. ran family's weaponsmith business in logar for many years. The weapons shop has been in the family for generations. He passed it on to Cid Jr, who can usually be found there today carrying on the family tradition.

Tired of small town living, "Dragon Lady" moved to Veranas where she bought a small pub. The Dragon Inn is located on the west side of Veranas, directly across from the carpenters shop. Children are often seen playing in the alcove leading to the unmarked pub entrance, while their parents go inside for a cold draft of Brumian Ale.

She tends to keep to herself, but is not afraid to speak her mind. While she is seriously lacking in social graces, she always has her eyes and ears open. Very little goes on in Veranas that she does not know something about.

Her disdain for elves is no secret, although she tolerates them enough to allow them into The Dragon Inn. (most of them, anyway). "Hey, their gold spends just as good as anyone else's."

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Dragon Lady
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